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San Antonio Indemnity Company, In Receivership 
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San Antonio Indemnity Company, in Receivership

The San Antonio Indemnity Company (SAIC) was placed in Receivership on October 31, 2013. As a consequence, SAIC has been placed in Liquidation under the Insurer Receivership Act, Chapter 443 of the Texas Insurance Code, for the purpose of liquidating SAIC.

Proof of Claims (POC)

Notice, Instructions and Form and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Pruaba de Reclamación (POC)

Special Deputy Receiver

Milford Consulting, LLC has been appointed by the Commissioner of Insurance of Texas and the Receivership Court as the Special Deputy Receiver (SDR) of San Antonio Indemnity Company. The SDR, with the Court's supervision, will be responsible for administration of the Receivership.

As part of the court proceedings in placing SAIC into liquidation, a permanent injunction has been issued to stop SAIC from conducting any business as an insurance company that could harm policyholders and other creditors. In addition, an automatic stay of all litigation is in effect so that the SDR can review records, determine priorities, and work to resolve any claims and transfer covered claims to the Texas Property and Casualty Insurance Guaranty Association also known as TPCIGA.

Policyholder Claims

Policyholder claims will be sent to TPCIGA for handling on the merits of the claim and subject to coverage under the Texas Guaranty Act provisions. The SDR Claims staff is attempting to be sure all information regarding your claims is given to the adjuster at TPCIGA. The TPCIGA staff will contact you if there is any portion of your claim that is not covered under the Guaranty Act.

Non-Cleared Checks

If you received payment on your claim and the settlement check did not clear the bank, please contact the SDR claims staff for assistance. Your claim will be sent to TPCIGA for handling. Please provide the SDR with the information about what check(s) did not clear, so that the SDR can provide accurate information to the TPCIGA staff.

If you have unpaid bills for services provided to the company in receivership, (a vendor) the creditor will be asked to file a Proof of Claim (POC). These proofs of claim will be reviewed and upon review of your POC by the SDR Claims Staff, you will be notified regarding the classification of your claim. It is unknown at this time if there will be assets available for the payment of any POC’s filed against the assets of the estate.

If you have a claim for unearned premium (UEP) because your policy was cancelled as a result of the Liquidation Order, your policy information and payment history will be transferred to TPCIGA for handling your UEP claim. However, the information has not yet reached TPCIGA, so they are unable to answer any of your questions at this time. Please contact the SDR Claims staff with any questions you may have. Also, please have your agent provide all information about the date you cancelled your policy, if cancelled prior to October 31, 2013, so that the correct information can be sent to TPCIGA regarding the dates you had an insurance policy with SAIC. TPCIGA does not currently have your UEP information, so again, they will not be able to answer your questions until they receive your file.


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